Small Walking Robot

I’ve been wanting to make a walking robot for a while and found this awesome 3-servo design in Make magazine:

It’s very simple and appears to walk with a shuffling motion, kind of like a duck. It’s a pretty clever design: basically a flexible parallelogram that is rotated by a servo. The parallelogram acts to move the legs up and down. Each leg has another servo on it, to move the feet radially, but the servos also act to constrain the main servo to locally linear behavior. It wasn’t 100% clear how it worked the first time I watched the video, but it’s all there.

I have some micro servos lying around, so I want to make a smaller, cuter version. I put together a quick CAD model to figure out the sizes of the pieces to make the parallelogram. Hopefully can put it together this weekend. It would be cool to learn how to program the Teensy and use it to drive these tiny servos…


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