Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

This isn’t really about anything I’m making but rather an awesome museum I visited over the weekend. Go see it. Seriously. Working mechanical clock insides.


Reconstruction of the first American mechanical loom. Ironically, the first design didn’t actually work, but they wanted to be historically correct.


Drive shafts that run all of the machinery in the machine shop. Note the mobius strip belt that changes the direction of rotation.


Old machine for threading screws they found in someone’s basement.


Restored machine. They still need to do a little work on, but it should be functional soon.


Machine for facing large blocks of material. Entirely mechanical system for moving the bed in the correct path.


Machine for making tiny screws for watches. As far as I could tell, it’s not functional…


Zoomed in on tiny-screw-making machine. You can’t see it at this angle, but the cutting tools are on a rocker that is driven by cams on drive shafts on either side. The whole machine is driven by one drive shaft and some manual shafts.

Whole museum is this awesome.


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