Little Walking Robot

Progress! I’ve put together all of the mechanics of my small walking robot. It’s very cute and quite squat.

Here you can see the main parallelogram linkage with the servo horn mounted on the top arm. Also two little feet with servo horns. And the tiny, adorable 0-80 screws I used to hold the whole thing in place. Since the parallelogram linkage needs to shift, those screws need to stay loose. In lieu of threadlocking fluid craft glue does okay for things that take low stress and vibration.

The little guy standing next to the Teensy I’ll use to control the servos. I’m just figuring out which batteries would be best. The servos take 4.8-6V and internet forums tell me they’ll draw around 200mA. There’s really no reliable datasheet for these servos. The Teensy takes 2.4-5V, so I might be able to run it all off of the same battery. Size is the real constraint here; next time I’ll include something to give a sense of scale but the width of the robot is no more than 2 inches; probably less.

Here you see it with one leg up, to give you a sense of how it will move and how the parallelogram shifts with the servo rotation.

I’ve been told I can program the Teensy through the Arduino environment, which should make programming this thing pretty straightforward. The main thing missing is the batter, and some wiring or headers for the Teensy.


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