Treadmill Motor Retreivable

An old treadmill was getting thrown away, so I enlisted some people to help me retrieve its awesome motor.

It was pretty tough. There were two main nuts that had to be removed, and at one point I wasn’t convinced we could get the second one off. These things were not made for disassembly. However, some muscle, vice grips, and c-wrenches were able to pry it loose.

It’s a pretty sweet DC motor with a huge flywheel that I’m pretty sure over doubles the weight of the motor. I’m assuming it makes it easier to control, thought it probably also helps with slowing down the treadmill speed more slowly. You can see that the flywheel has a built-in shaft for the belt that drives the actual treadmill axle. The blue wires are signal wires for measuring the speed, I’m pretty sure it’s a hall effect sensor but I can’t actually see it through the back of the motor.

It’s a pretty decent motor. 2.65 HP, 21A — it’s hefty. I recently learned how to make the drive circuitry for a motor this big, so I’m pretty tempted to make a go-cart out of this thing. I’m just not sure if I have the time or resources to do it all – designing and building the frame and mechanical drive, etc. Maybe if another person who two went in on it with it. I’m not sure what else to do with it other than make a vehicle; all ideas are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Treadmill Motor Retreivable

    1. Was seriously considering building a go-cart around it, but have decided for a less ambitious, less stressful activity that doesn’t really include a 2.65HP motor. I’ll probably give it away in the next few months unless I get inspired.

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