Update: Small Walking Robot

I got him walking! Well, shuffling is more like it. And sideways, not forward. And he’s tethered. Baby  steps.

He’s currently run off an arduino, though I have a teensy I’ll eventually hook him up to. I’m using 4 AAA batteries in series to power the servos and the arduino is powered through its USB connection. The servos use max 200mA each, which is pretty impressive given how small they are!
I having a lot of trouble figuring out how I’m going to run this guy untethered because the batteries are so heavy and he’s so light. The 4 AAA batteries would totally just tip him. I’m considering running him off coin batteries and accepting that he’ll probably burn out the batteries within half an hour.
I kind of feel I have to get him up and running untethered before I can figure out correcting his gait. When he’s tethered he’s much lighter, and given that, the tethers themselves probably apply some force. I think given the same inputs his motion will be very different when untethered.


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