Mushroom Chairs

A lot has been going on! I’ll give each project it’s own post.

For Steer Roast, an annual alumni event held at MIT’s dormitory Senior House, I’m making some mushroom chairs. One might say, toadstools. I designed them with Sara Falcone; our conception was lasercut 1/4″ wood slotted together that would sit over a trashcan. Woodglue everything together, cover in batting and fabric, and there: mushroom chair! I did the CAD, she did the laser cutting.


This is a CAD assembly of the flat-pack pieces.sketchAnd this is a screenshot of the sketch file I used to create all of the pieces.

photoHere is the assembled chair!

I like it a lot — it feels pretty hard when you sit on it, but I’m told batting will take care of that. Two other girls who live on my hall are in charge of that part. When one saw it, she said she would like a chair that was fatter, so I CAD’ed a different one. Once I got the technique down, it didn’t take long to make another one. I haven’t done any programming in Solidworks, but I imagine it would be fairly straightforward to write a program that would generate parts based on any shaped curve you gave it.

shot3Mushroom chair #2.

I’ll probably make at least one more shaped mushroom chair, hopefully two. We might make duplicates of some of the chairs. They’re for an Alice in Wonderland-themed room, which will also have a hookah and maybe a giant caterpillar.


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