Guerilla Gardening

photoI saw this the other day walking home. I dig it a lot! I’m pretty sure it’s guerrilla gardening, where people surreptitiously plant things in urban environment. (Look up seed bombing, for instance.)

There is some neat design going on here: I like the super simple sheet metal brackets that are held to the street sign with zip ties. I like the tubing as the “pot” with holes in it for the vegetation, which allows for vertical growing. I like the top of a plastic bottle to collect water, though I wonder how effective it is. Might it not be better to have several of these at more points, fed into the tube from the side, to collect more water?

I also think it could have been bigger. Given how far it is from the street sign, it’s losing a lot of empty space it is still arguably occupying: the tube could be larger and closer to the post. Also, why isn’t it longer? I can imagine it being the height of the post itself.

We’ll see how long it lasts. Hopefully it gets to stay up long enough to see if the plants survive this kind of environment! It’s not too cold yet, so this design could be well tested.


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