Wooden Flex Bracelet

I was inspired by this blog post at Earl Grey, Hot to make a similar bracelet for my sister. I didn’t have much time to put it together, so it was an interesting test of how quickly I could get this short project done. (If you didn’t click the link, it’s a wooden bracelet, essentially.)

I followed her lead and used a .dxf file from this Thingiverse upload. The first thing I did was make the bracelet shorter. This was both for aesthetic reasons and to speed up the laser cutting. I have a 40W laser cutter at work and had to run the laser pretty slow to cut through the wood. Even though Earl Grey, Hot has the same laser cutter as me (Full Spectrum) and posted her settings, I still had to figure out the best settings. It’s a hobby laser and so not the most repeatable. The trick is to not let the wood catch on fire because it leaves burn marks. Earl Grey, Hot dealt with this by putting a layer of masking tape on the wood before cutting it. I didn’t have any, so I just had to be really careful with the settings.


One thing to note is that the rectangles are cut out as single lines, using the width of the laser to generate the right shape. You can see that a lot broke before I figured out the best combo of settings and distance between the hinges (i.e. holes).


After I made the flat bracelet, I followed Earl Grey’s lead and sprayed it with water and held it in the bent position over night such that its resting state was slightly bent.


The last thing to do was put some magnets into for the clasp. The whole thing only took about 4hrs total, including buying the wood.


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