Green Monster Toy

At work there was a bunch of left-over t-shirt vinyl from weeding. (Weeding is when you pick the vinyl off the adhesive which isn’t part of the design you’re applying.) We were going to throw it away but I just thought it looked so cool!


I really wanted to make a green monster toy out of it. I’ve never really made a toy before, but I imagined a Cousin It type monster, but mostly head and, obviously, green. I used an old sock filled with rice as the base and sewed on strands of the t-shirt vinyl to make it look like hair.


That’s it with half a head of hair. After it had enough hair to cover up its head (or base?) I wanted to give it button eyes. One of the problems that became obvious with the eyes was that the hair moved around a lot — covering the eyes, giving him bald spots, etc. I started to sew down certain strands of hair in a (hopefully) visually subtle way such that it wouldn’t move around so much.

image Half done.imageAll done! I think he’s pretty cute. It might have been nice to give him some legs (adorable tiny arms as well?) such that you can really appreciate the way his hair hangs, since I think it’s a little hard to tell when he’s just chilling on the table. Regardless. Adorable.


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