Business Card Glider

A coworker of mine wanted to make some cool business cards and suggested making an insert mold for our injection molder. Apart from the fact that I don’t like the idea of injection molding business card, it got me thinking about cool business cards I *did* like the idea of. I’ve been toying around with the idea of making custom gliders with out logo on them as swag for recruiting events, and it occurred to me that I could totally make a business card that could be ripped apart and made into a mini glider.

photo 1It’s adorable! And if I weight the nose with a small set screw, it flies surprisingly well. I cut this out of our current business cards. I laser cut the edges of the pieces to be perforated, so that the business card can remain intact and business card-like, and then, when the perfect time arrives, the glider can be torn out and assembled in seconds.

photo 2

photo 3It’s super cool. You could easily design a business card around the perforated glider shapes and laser cut them as a post-process, or, if you have a lot of time on your hands, laser etch the entire business card, including the perforations, in one go.

The weight of the nose is an issue though. Not everyone has painters tape and a set screw on hand like I do. Another coworker suggested designing the core of the glider with a long strip at the nose — that way, after you punch it out, you can wrap the long strip around the nose several times to get the added weight.

This is a good idea and I hope to try it out soon.


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