Fallout Vault Boy Miniature

A coworker of mine was excited about the release of Fallout 4 (a video game I’d never heard of, I’m really not cool in some circles), so for his birthday we 3D printed a miniature of the vault boy on a FormLabs printer and I painted him. We pulled the model from Thingiverse. Of course we did all this the night before his birthday and by the time I got to the art store it was closed. I didn’t have any brushes small enough for this little guy, so I stopped by CVS and found some make-up applicator q-tips — these funny little pointed q-tips.

They worked decently well, though I went through them quickly as they would get stringy: lose their point and start leaving fluff along with the paint.

vaultboywideI also, despite being warned by the fine people on the internet, discovered that acrylic dries MUCH darker. Skin tones are hard enough anyway, but this Vault Boy looks like he got a good tan somehow.

vaultboytightRegardless, this little figurine is eternally optimistic and I’m happy with how he turned out. It was a fun, quick little project though I kept, to the dismay of everyone around me, calling him Fall Out Boy. You know, the rock band.


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