I’ve started using this blog as a public-facing journal, an ‘everything else’ portfolio, though at heart I know it is mostly for me. I enjoy looking back on photos of old projects I worked on and reading about how I approached different problems.

The posts are not terribly technical and I try to have a lot of pictures. You are not likely to be able to follow along with exactly what I did, but you’ll hear about my process and my problems and how I overcame them. It should inspire and help you, should you attempt something similar. You are always welcome post a comment and ask for more details.

Some words about myself: I was a mechanical engineering student at MIT, now I work as a mechanical engineer/data scientist at Rest Devices in Boston, though sometimes I think I became an engineer such that I could do grown-up arts and crafts. I am also an aspiring poet and renaissance artist, having mediocre skills across photography, drawing, writing, and audio and video editing. I can teach you yoga. I have before (and plan to again) hiked very far distances and climbed to the top of rocks. I have a tumblr that I sometimes manage to update with photos and a twitter account that I never got into using.

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