Mandala Coasters

I wanted to make a good friend of mine a house-warming gift. I wanted something that was elegant, useful, and took advantage of the free tools I had available: 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutter. I saw some very cool 3D mandala designs on Thingiverse, but didn’t think they were particularly practical as coasters, neither do I think 3D printing coasters is particularly cost effective. However, … Continue reading Mandala Coasters

IoT Light Sensor: There is Data!

One of my goals for the IoT light sensor was to explore graphing live data. Phant, the Sparkfun service I’m using to post my data online, has an example of graphing live data with Google Charts. Since I know nothing about coding for the web save some outdated html and css knowledge, I used their example code as a template for what I wanted to … Continue reading IoT Light Sensor: There is Data!

IoT Light Sensor: It’s a Thing!

I wanted to mess around with the Sparkfun Thing, which, by the way, is the worst name ever for an electronics board. The ‘Thing’ is a breakout and development board for the ESP8266 WiFi system on chip that can be used with the Arduino IDE. It’s easily confused with the Sparkfun Thing – Dev Board, which is very very similar except it doesn’t have built in … Continue reading IoT Light Sensor: It’s a Thing!