Stereographic Projector Lamp as Wedding Gift

My two bosses got married to each other this summer. (Weird, right?) My coworker and I decided to make a really awesome wedding gift for them and spent a long time dreaming up crazy ideas. Eventually we settled on something inspired by the shapes Henry Segerman was making on ShapeWays and Thingiverse: a stereographic projection lamp. (Funny story, he happens to have also made some … Continue reading Stereographic Projector Lamp as Wedding Gift

RhinoScripting for 3D CAD

My housemate Moon Duchin is interested in 3D printing these shapes that she studies. (She’s a mathematician.) The technical name for the shapes would be spheres of radius 1,2,3 in the Carnot-Carath√©odory metric on the real Heisenberg group induced by a hexagonal norm. It’s a mouthful. I’ll probably do another post describing how to come up with the shapes. Anyway, she’s actually already had two … Continue reading RhinoScripting for 3D CAD

Water, Water, Everywhere

Part of what I’m building for work includes making things watertight, which is always a little hellish. Since we love to makerbot everything we can, last week I experimented with making PLA 3D-printed parts watertight and waterproof. I print on the lowest quality (for the fastest print) and at a pressure head of about 2cm the untreated parts didn’t leak overnight. Anything above that and … Continue reading Water, Water, Everywhere