Milli-Joints at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab

I’ve been working with Michelle Rosen and Zhi Ern Teoh for 6.S080. Last week we worked on making revolute joints at the milli- scale for use in milli expandable mechanisms. We were looking at simple pin joints, hopefully illustrated well below: We’re making them in the 2D laminate process, which Michelle and Zhi are very familiar with but I found fascinating and just super cool. … Continue reading Milli-Joints at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab

Cell Phone Microscopy

Over the past semester I’ve made several iterations of a small cell phone microscopy kit using commercially available currency detection microscopes that you can get for $7 on amazon. These guys get about 45x magnification, which is enough to be useful in diagnostics. In the cases where mine were used, it was useful to diagnosing STDs. Early prototypes used film canisters to hold the scope … Continue reading Cell Phone Microscopy