Stereographic Projector Lamp as Wedding Gift

My two bosses got married to each other this summer. (Weird, right?) My coworker and I decided to make a really awesome wedding gift for them and spent a long time dreaming up crazy ideas. Eventually we settled on something inspired by the shapes Henry Segerman was making on ShapeWays and Thingiverse: a stereographic projection lamp. (Funny story, he happens to have also made some … Continue reading Stereographic Projector Lamp as Wedding Gift

Peristaltic Pump

I have designed and built┬ásome peristaltic pumps for pumping cyanoacrylate (i.e. super glue). The stuff is about as viscous as water, and I want to dispense it in tiny drops. Peristaltic pumps are perfect for high pressure, low volumetric flow systems, plus there is the added bonus that you can easily replace the tubing if it gets clogged (i.e. the super glue dries out, which … Continue reading Peristaltic Pump

Hacking an Embroidery Machine

Another post based on work-related hacking. The baby monitor we sell uses a patented wearable sensor to measure respiration. Part of applying the sensor requires us to sew on a rubber component. We have a pretty sweet CNC embroidery machine (the Babylock Sofia 2) that we programmed to stitch around the rubber piece. But we wanted to slow the embroidery machine down. We didn’t like … Continue reading Hacking an Embroidery Machine

Expanding Lamp Project – Lumen

Before I peaced out for the summer I didn’t have a chance to blog about how the expanding lamp project turned out (i.e. awesomely). So here goes! (Reminder: worked on this with Tiffany Tseng and Paulina Mustafa for MIT class 6.S080.) Below is the first prototype of our final design– expanded and contracted. It builds heavily off the first prototype I build, but it is … Continue reading Expanding Lamp Project – Lumen