Mandala Coasters

I wanted to make a good friend of mine a house-warming gift. I wanted something that was elegant, useful, and took advantage of the free tools I had available: 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutter. I saw some very cool 3D mandala designs on Thingiverse, but didn’t think they were particularly practical as coasters, neither do I think 3D printing coasters is particularly cost effective. However, … Continue reading Mandala Coasters

Stereographic Projector Lamp as Wedding Gift

My two bosses got married to each other this summer. (Weird, right?) My coworker and I decided to make a really awesome wedding gift for them and spent a long time dreaming up crazy ideas. Eventually we settled on something inspired by the shapes Henry Segerman was making on ShapeWays and Thingiverse: a stereographic projection lamp. (Funny story, he happens to have also made some … Continue reading Stereographic Projector Lamp as Wedding Gift

Learning to Crochet: Somehow I Made a Camel

Last Christmas my mum taught me to crochet. She showed me a couple stitches and helped me make a simple headband. She told me how crocheting was like programming: you learn a few simple stitches and then you can combine them to make anything. I’ve totally bought into this. Crocheting, for instance, is the easiest way to make hyperbolic surfaces (see the Crocheted Coral Reef … Continue reading Learning to Crochet: Somehow I Made a Camel