IoT Light Sensor: There is Data!

One of my goals for the IoT light sensor was to explore graphing live data. Phant, the Sparkfun service I’m using to post my data online, has an example of graphing live data with Google Charts. Since I know nothing about coding for the web save some outdated html and css knowledge, I used their example code as a template for what I wanted to … Continue reading IoT Light Sensor: There is Data!

IoT Light Sensor: It’s a Thing!

I wanted to mess around with the Sparkfun Thing, which, by the way, is the worst name ever for an electronics board. The ‘Thing’ is a┬ábreakout and development board for the ESP8266 WiFi system on chip that can be used with the Arduino IDE. It’s easily confused with the Sparkfun Thing – Dev Board, which is very very similar except it doesn’t have built in … Continue reading IoT Light Sensor: It’s a Thing!

Stereographic Projector Lamp as Wedding Gift

My two bosses got married to each other this summer. (Weird, right?) My coworker and I decided to make a really awesome wedding gift for them and spent a long time dreaming up crazy ideas. Eventually we settled on something inspired by the shapes Henry Segerman was making on ShapeWays and Thingiverse: a stereographic projection lamp. (Funny story, he happens to have also made some … Continue reading Stereographic Projector Lamp as Wedding Gift

Paper Circuit Example

I’m planning on making an electronic mural so I’ve been experimenting with some components I want to use by making paper circuits. I want to use Chibitronics electronic stickers for the components (they even have a microcontroller sticker!) and Electroninks Circuit Scribe pen for the traces. This is the first time I’ve made a video of this sort. While there are a lot of improvements … Continue reading Paper Circuit Example

Expanding Lamp Project – Lumen

Before I peaced out for the summer I didn’t have a chance to blog about how the expanding lamp project turned out (i.e. awesomely). So here goes! (Reminder: worked on this with Tiffany Tseng and Paulina Mustafa for MIT class 6.S080.) Below is the first prototype of our final design– expanded and contracted. It builds heavily off the first prototype I build, but it is … Continue reading Expanding Lamp Project – Lumen

Expanding Lamp Project

For my mechanisms class, 6.S080, I’ve started prototyping an idea for an expanding lamp that I’m working on with Paulina Mustafa and Tiffany Tseng. The basic idea is to take advantage of the rotational movement of the links in an expanding polygon to do interesting things with light diffusion. I used the design I had for the first expanding polygon I made, but tightened the … Continue reading Expanding Lamp Project