Peristaltic Pump

I have designed and built┬ásome peristaltic pumps for pumping cyanoacrylate (i.e. super glue). The stuff is about as viscous as water, and I want to dispense it in tiny drops. Peristaltic pumps are perfect for high pressure, low volumetric flow systems, plus there is the added bonus that you can easily replace the tubing if it gets clogged (i.e. the super glue dries out, which … Continue reading Peristaltic Pump

Hacking an Embroidery Machine

Another post based on work-related hacking. The baby monitor we sell uses a patented wearable sensor to measure respiration. Part of applying the sensor requires us to sew on a rubber component. We have a pretty sweet CNC embroidery machine (the Babylock Sofia 2) that we programmed to stitch around the rubber piece. But we wanted to slow the embroidery machine down. We didn’t like … Continue reading Hacking an Embroidery Machine

Water, Water, Everywhere

Part of what I’m building for work includes making things watertight, which is always a little hellish. Since we love to makerbot everything we can, last week I experimented with making PLA 3D-printed parts watertight and waterproof. I print on the lowest quality (for the fastest print) and at a pressure head of about 2cm the untreated parts didn’t leak overnight. Anything above that and … Continue reading Water, Water, Everywhere

Induction Motor

For my Power Electronics Lab, this week, we built the three-phase drive for an induction motor. Induction motors are pretty damn cool, and while I think they are the hardest motor to understand, they certainly have the most interesting torque speed curve. And induction motor is basically a series of coils that you run current through one by one. The coils are the stator, they … Continue reading Induction Motor