Steer Roast Commemorative Coin

Some friends of mine came up with the idea of making a commemorative coin for the 50th anniversary of Steer Roast, so I’ve taken up the project with a lot of zeal. I’m working on stamping brass coins myself. The idea is to CNC mill designs into steel, harden it, and hit it really hard with a circular brass lug in between. We may have … Continue reading Steer Roast Commemorative Coin

Mushroom Chairs

A lot has been going on! I’ll give each project it’s own post. For Steer Roast, an annual alumni event held at MIT’s dormitory Senior House, I’m making some mushroom chairs. One might say, toadstools. I designed them with Sara Falcone; our conception was lasercut 1/4″ wood slotted together that would sit over a trashcan. Woodglue everything together, cover in batting and fabric, and there: … Continue reading Mushroom Chairs

Dichroic Chandelier

Finally put together a movie of the chandelier Lauren Gust and I made for Steer Roast 2012. The chandelier is made of:

– a mild steel frame (hand bent)
– fishing line
– laser-cut triangles of dichroic acrylic

It hangs from nylon rope attached at three points, looped on a load-bearing carabiner which attached to a c-clamp at the top of a skylight frame. The whole thing weighed in at about 9lbs.

Continue reading Dichroic Chandelier