Hacking an Embroidery Machine

Another post based on work-related hacking. The baby monitor we sell uses a patented wearable sensor to measure respiration. Part of applying the sensor requires us to sew on a rubber component. We have a pretty sweet CNC embroidery machine (the Babylock Sofia 2) that we programmed to stitch around the rubber piece. But we wanted to slow the embroidery machine down. We didn’t like … Continue reading Hacking an Embroidery Machine


I’ve been very busy with work, hence the dearth of posts. However, I have been doing and making a lot of interesting things, so I have a number of posts lined up. This one is about a timelapse video I made of my company making our first shipment of our baby monitor, specifically the onesie that senses a baby’s breathing. We (all the engineers) planned … Continue reading Timelapse