CC Spheres Explained, i.e. Math

I thought I would take a post to explain what the shapes I made for my friend are, or rather how you can form them. To remind you, below are the shapes of radius 1, 2, and 3. (Imagine the shape is reflected–the imagines below are just the top half, but the bottom half looks exactly the same.) You start with the discrete Heisenberg group. … Continue reading CC Spheres Explained, i.e. Math

RhinoScripting for 3D CAD

My housemate Moon Duchin is interested in 3D printing these shapes that she studies. (She’s a mathematician.) The technical name for the shapes would be spheres of radius 1,2,3 in the Carnot-Carath√©odory metric on the real Heisenberg group induced by a hexagonal norm. It’s a mouthful. I’ll probably do another post describing how to come up with the shapes. Anyway, she’s actually already had two … Continue reading RhinoScripting for 3D CAD