Treadmill Motor Retreivable

An old treadmill was getting thrown away, so I enlisted some people to help me retrieve its awesome motor. It was pretty tough. There were two main nuts that had to be removed, and at one point I wasn’t convinced we could get the second one off. These things were not made for disassembly. However, some muscle, vice grips, and c-wrenches were able to pry … Continue reading Treadmill Motor Retreivable

Taking Apart an Inkjet Printer and Cartridge

Part of my bioprinter project is comparing the printing I can do using my craft robo contraption with the printing done using a modified inkjet printer. Several papers are published on using modified inkjet printers, so it’s a good standard. Following the instructions published in JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) I went out to buy the oldest, shittiest printer I could, because they are less … Continue reading Taking Apart an Inkjet Printer and Cartridge

Taking Apart a CraftRobo

The main project I’m working on this summer is hacking a CraftRobo cutter to be used as a deposition tool for creating diagnostic tests. The idea is to put cheap, robust, open-ended tools in rural clinics and hospitals to empower them to create the devices and tests they most need without having to rely on multinational corporations deciding the kind of tests they need. Multinational … Continue reading Taking Apart a CraftRobo