Mandala Coasters

I wanted to make a good friend of mine a house-warming gift. I wanted something that was elegant, useful, and took advantage of the free tools I had available: 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutter. I saw some very cool 3D mandala designs on Thingiverse, but didn’t think they were particularly practical as coasters, neither do I think 3D printing coasters is particularly cost effective. However, … Continue reading Mandala Coasters

Steel Pipe + Wood Furniture

My boyfriend and I just moved into a new apartment and had the ambitious goal of building all of our furniture– all we had was a bed. While we have since accepted one piece of interim furniture (a table from my brother) we have succeeded in building ourselves a shelf and standing desk thus far. The shelf we wanted actually had some stringent requirements. The … Continue reading Steel Pipe + Wood Furniture