Expanding Lamp Project – Lumen

Before I peaced out for the summer I didn’t have a chance to blog about how the expanding lamp project turned out (i.e. awesomely). So here goes! (Reminder: worked on this with Tiffany Tseng and Paulina Mustafa for MIT class 6.S080.)

Below is the first prototype of our final design– expanded and contracted. It builds heavily off the first prototype I build, but it is tiered to give is a more chandelier-like feel and all the connections are better–it uses cheap plastic binding posts. All of the parts are lasercut and it can be assembled with just a couple quarters (to put in the binding posts).

445A8572-F3CB-4193-AB9F-0CDDFCA00B36 0E648637-BC99-41AF-A788-EC85C21131B7We actually created some equation-driven solidworks models to design the linkages (everything is laser cut) so for our final version we produced two different chandeliers based on the same model (but using different driving dimensions). Here they are sitting outside casting some cool shadows:

DSC_0009We also managed to mechanize the large one to expand and contract using servos– it was set up to be controlled via bluetooth. The long-term idea was to have it respond to the light levels in the room. You can see a cool video Tiffany and Paulina made below.

We had also planned to make an instructable post, walking you through how to make your own, but we didn’t have time. Maybe in the next couple months we’ll do that, since we have all the required media it’s just a matter of putting it together with the right words.

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