IoT Light Sensor: There is Data!

One of my goals for the IoT light sensor was to explore graphing live data. Phant, the Sparkfun service I’m using to post my data online, has an example of graphing live data with Google Charts. Since I know nothing about coding for the web save some outdated html and css knowledge, I used their example code as a template for what I wanted to … Continue reading IoT Light Sensor: There is Data!

Arduino String to Integer

So I already talked about how to read strings from the serial port, but I didn’t talk about how to interpret these strings to perform actions. A pretty standard and useful technique is to have commands with a character-integer structure, in which a common command might be ‘r255’. ‘r’ is a pointer for the type of command, say configuring a red LED, and then ‘255’ … Continue reading Arduino String to Integer

Controlling Arduinos through the Serial Port

Prelude: I’m not a coder or computer science whiz, so my forays into programming are fraught with internet searches of how to do this or that and reading and rereading references. I am certainly no expert. Something I really wanted to do with my arduino was send it commands through the serial port– e.g. I wanted to be able to type ‘r50’ into the serial … Continue reading Controlling Arduinos through the Serial Port