Electronic Mural: Part I

The circuitry for the electronic mural I made in the first two weeks of January (final product post here) was simple. I used three types of circuit stickers: an LED sticker, a sound sensor sticker, and a micro-controller sticker. Each sticker had the required components embedded, such that I just needed to connect everything. The challenge of the mural was not in the circuit design … Continue reading Electronic Mural: Part I

Peristaltic Pump

I have designed and built┬ásome peristaltic pumps for pumping cyanoacrylate (i.e. super glue). The stuff is about as viscous as water, and I want to dispense it in tiny drops. Peristaltic pumps are perfect for high pressure, low volumetric flow systems, plus there is the added bonus that you can easily replace the tubing if it gets clogged (i.e. the super glue dries out, which … Continue reading Peristaltic Pump


I’ve been very busy with work, hence the dearth of posts. However, I have been doing and making a lot of interesting things, so I have a number of posts lined up. This one is about a timelapse video I made of my company making our first shipment of our baby monitor, specifically the onesie that senses a baby’s breathing. We (all the engineers) planned … Continue reading Timelapse