Electronic Mural: Charlieplexing with Paper Circuits

As I’ve mentioned, I’m working towards an electronic mural using Chibitronic circuit stickers and a Circuit Scribe pen. Today I prototyped the entire circuit on paper. The fun part was using the microcontroller circuit sticker–wicked easy. I used an Arduino UNO as a programmer (tutorial for setting up the board) and Arduino software to write my code. It took maybe 10 minutes to get up … Continue reading Electronic Mural: Charlieplexing with Paper Circuits

Paper Circuit Example

I’m planning on making an electronic mural so I’ve been experimenting with some components I want to use by making paper circuits. I want to use Chibitronics electronic stickers for the components (they even have a microcontroller sticker!) and Electroninks Circuit Scribe pen for the traces. This is the first time I’ve made a video of this sort. While there are a lot of improvements … Continue reading Paper Circuit Example

Peristaltic Pump

I have designed and built┬ásome peristaltic pumps for pumping cyanoacrylate (i.e. super glue). The stuff is about as viscous as water, and I want to dispense it in tiny drops. Peristaltic pumps are perfect for high pressure, low volumetric flow systems, plus there is the added bonus that you can easily replace the tubing if it gets clogged (i.e. the super glue dries out, which … Continue reading Peristaltic Pump

Steer Roast Commemorative Coin

Some friends of mine came up with the idea of making a commemorative coin for the 50th anniversary of Steer Roast, so I’ve taken up the project with a lot of zeal. I’m working on stamping brass coins myself. The idea is to CNC mill designs into steel, harden it, and hit it really hard with a circular brass lug in between. We may have … Continue reading Steer Roast Commemorative Coin

Mushroom Chairs

A lot has been going on! I’ll give each project it’s own post. For Steer Roast, an annual alumni event held at MIT’s dormitory Senior House, I’m making some mushroom chairs. One might say, toadstools. I designed them with Sara Falcone; our conception was lasercut 1/4″ wood slotted together that would sit over a trashcan. Woodglue everything together, cover in batting and fabric, and there: … Continue reading Mushroom Chairs

Expanding Lamp Project

For my mechanisms class, 6.S080, I’ve started prototyping an idea for an expanding lamp that I’m working on with Paulina Mustafa and Tiffany Tseng. The basic idea is to take advantage of the rotational movement of the links in an expanding polygon to do interesting things with light diffusion. I used the design I had for the first expanding polygon I made, but tightened the … Continue reading Expanding Lamp Project