Arduino String to Integer

So I already talked about how to read strings from the serial port, but I didn’t talk about how to interpret these strings to perform actions. A pretty standard and useful technique is to have commands with a character-integer structure, in which a common command might be ‘r255’. ‘r’ is a pointer for the type of command, say configuring a red LED, and then ‘255’ … Continue reading Arduino String to Integer

Controlling Arduinos through the Serial Port

Prelude: I’m not a coder or computer science whiz, so my forays into programming are fraught with internet searches of how to do this or that and reading and rereading references. I am certainly no expert. Something I really wanted to do with my arduino was send it commands through the serial port– e.g. I wanted to be able to type ‘r50’ into the serial … Continue reading Controlling Arduinos through the Serial Port